Presentation Binding Covers

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Duotex Series

Duotex covers are a high quality cover very resistant to smudging or abrasion. Most Duotex varieties have a textured or printed finish. They may be offset printed but should be printed slowly with dryers in the ink.Black, Red & Ivory with Printed Pattern are our Best Sellers

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Permalux ( 22 mil plastic )

Inexpensive, yet very presentable, this is a good workhorse cover particularly where documents are subject to rough use. Does not coffee stain and may be wiped clean. Call us at 1-800-435-6623 for samples and details.

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Permalux ( 35 mil plastic )

A thicker version of the Permalux cover, it is used where the extra stiffness is desired. Pricing for this product is for the standard letter-size 8-1/2 x 11, but it can be supplied in various sizes. It is particularly attractive to users for 11 x 17 documents, which tend to droop with regular covers. The cover is also available in 12 colors. Call us at 1-800-435-6623 for samples and details.

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Poly Covers for Chicago Screws

35 mil high strength poly cover with fold over flap to hide screw heads. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Navy and Clear

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Lusterflex Series (17mil)

A high flexible, durable cover particularly well suited for high-level presentations demanding a superior image.  Because this covers so prestigious, it is often gold stamped and used by accountants, lawyers, and other professionals where image is important.

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